Kristoffer Lassen
Kristoffer LassenMD PhD
Head of Department of HPB-surgery at Oslo University Hospital. Founder and primary investigator for the Excalibur-project.
Svein Dueland
Svein DuelandMD PhD
Consulting oncologist department of transplantation-surgery, Oslo University Hospital. Co-PI for the Excalibur-project. Primary Investigator for the SECA-trials.
Anne Holmen Longva
Anne Holmen LongvaMD
Research-fellow in HPB-surgery, Oslo University Hospital.
Responsible for patient enrollment, logistics and treatment.
Marie Lian
Marie LianRN
Study-coordinator, Registered Oncological Nurse.
Bård Røsok
Bård RøsokMD, PhD
Senior Consultant HPB-surgeon
Oslo University Hospital